Die Gelbe Fabrik is an amalgamation of super fast wifi, creative socialites, a chilled ambience and most importantly… exquisite coffee! … Could be worse, right?

The Coworking team has a very very simple pricing model.


1 month
coffee-flat rate
fixed workdesk
key for 24/7 access
free parking
free printer access
free locker
extra huge portion of love
your very ownpost box

costs 275 EUR net 2nd floor
costs 340 EUR net 3rd floor


available to use 10 times
coffee-flat rate
access available between conventional office opening hours
free parking
10 portions of love

costs 250 EUR net


1 time use
coffee-flat rate
1 time use
coffee-flat rate
a single portion of love

costs 30 EUR net

START-UPS WELCOME: we are start-up & student & lowbudget-friendly
let’s talk, where is a will, will be a way (yup, someone likes badly translated google quotes)

INDIVIDUAL SOLUTIONS: please send a mail to hosting@diegelbefabrik.at