Yo. So. Ahm. Well. Coworking Space is a room, 
where people rent a desk, sit in, do something, leave, or not, 
and do what they do. Die Gelbe Fabrik is something like that. 
And we like that. And we, means those with the same mindset, love that shit. Yo.

Coworking at Die Gelbe Fabrik means Coworking in an old factory, and its so fuckin beautiful here. Damn. 
We provide an affordable work space for freelancers and other mobile workers,
and remote dudes, combine the best thing from starbucks (wifi), 
with the 2nd best thing ever (coffee, cause the first best thing are cats) 
and the best thing of dark woods in summer (calm and peaceful atmosphere) 
with the best thing of casual offices (meeting rooms). 
Could be worse, right?

Beyond improved productivity, coworking to us means creating friendships, 
collaboration, and feeling free to ask our coworkers for help,
 when the need arises and in case they are not having there earphones on!

Die Gelbe Fabriks set up:
  • coffee machine
  • wifi
  • 300qm without walls (except toillets)
  • random many desks
  • space for events and meet ups
  • 2 meeting rooms
  • sofa lounge
  • kitchen lounge
  • terrace with wifi and shadow in front of the buidling
  • park around the building
  • every day fresh-organic-food
Whom are we talking too:
Freelancers, small companies, start-ups, creatives, visionaries, dudes and cats.

Case one: Your name is Marvin. Marvin is a coder from Brooklyn. 
He needs space, comes in, likes it (what else) starts working, 
meets other dudes, has fun, drinks coffee and so on

Case two: Tobias. Marketing Assistant. 
Works for a big local company. Old structure needs new drive 
(no reason to be ashamed, we all know that, and we are cool with that),
 needs inspiration, has to polish his swag. Tobias rents a desk, 
even he has one back in his company, and hangs out two times a week, and loves it (what else)

Case three: Charlotte. Charlotte is a tech girl. Loves that shit. Has an idea. 
Founds a start up. Comes in, likes it, gets the start up friendly condition for herself and 
even for her best mate Paul, who helps her starting up the start up. They love it. (what else)

Case four: Lea. Mummy and copywriter. Has two kids, works from home. 
(poor girl). Will meet a big customer soon. Needs space. 
Rents a conference room for one day and loves the super service. (what else).

Case five: Emilie. Coder. Part of the coder club. 
Wants to invite the dudes, those support here. Get's the support from Die Gelbe Fabrik.

Case six. Napoleon. A red small Tigercat. 
So sweet. Comes in, cause everyone is friendly with him. 
Purr the whole day. So sweet, that he hasn't to pay. But. The faq, he is the only exception.